Compile Pal is the amazing wrapper for the source map compiling tools that makes compiling a breeze.


Compile Pal should automatically find any game configurations - as long as the game’s SDK was run last. Game Configurations are cached between sessions, and you can choose between them at launch.


PACK is a feature that allows for the automatic packing of custom content into a map BSP. Thanks to the work of Maxdup, this feature is now ready to be used in production.

Packable Content

  • Materials
  • Models
  • Model Skins
  • Skybox Textures
  • Sprites
  • Water Materials
  • Color Correction
  • Detail Files
  • Menu Photos
  • Soundscapes
  • Soundscripts
  • Particle Manifests
  • Much more…

Error Checking

Compile Pal can detect and provide information relating to errors using the Interlopers error listings.



  • Ruarai
  • Maxdup (Maxime Dupuis)
  • Exactol

Bug Testing

  • wareya
  • Gangleider
  • Matt2468rv
  • Sevin7